Saving the World One Tree at a Time

At Recircle, we envision a world where deforestation is a thing of the past and lush forests once again blanket our planet. We’re committed to doing our part to make this vision a reality by providing you with the highest quality bamboo toilet paper that’s both sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Recircle™ Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

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  • 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper
  • Rolls of Super Soft 3-Ply Toilet Paper
  • 350 Sheets per Roll
  • BPA Free
  • Delivered Right to Your Door

Benefits of Bamboo Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a daily essential, yet the environmental toll of traditional production is often overlooked. Enter bamboo toilet paper—a sustainable alternative rapidly gaining traction. Discover the myriad benefits it offers, from its eco-friendly production to its positive impact on health and societal well-being.


Feel empowered as you make a positive impact on the planet. Our bamboo toilet paper lets you contribute to a cleaner environment, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.


Indulge in self-care with every roll. Our bamboo toilet paper pampers your skin with its gentle touch and chemical-free composition, providing comfort and peace of mind.


Empower your everyday choices. Our bamboo toilet paper is your chance to support fair trade, ethical practices, and positive social impact while creating a real difference in the world.


Say No to Deforestation

Break free from wasteful habits and harmful practices. Traditional tree-based toilet paper contributes to deforestation and piles up in landfills, but our bamboo toilet paper offers a sustainable solution. Embrace a future where every wipe is eco-friendly and every choice counts toward a healthier planet

Sustainable, rapid growth, eco-friendly alternative.

The Bamboo Advantage

Bamboo’s rapid growth rate and minimal environmental footprint make it a sustainable champion. By opting for bamboo toilet paper, you actively protect forests, reduce carbon emissions, and promote biodiversity. Join the green revolution with bamboo—the smarter, planet-friendly choice.

Eco-friendly comfort without compromise.

Same Feel, Better Planet

Our bamboo toilet paper offers the same softness and durability as traditional options, ensuring a luxurious experience with every use. However, what sets it apart is its eco-friendly nature. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows rapidly without the need for pesticides or fertilizers, making it a sustainable choice for toilet paper production. By choosing bamboo toilet paper, you’re not only enjoying a premium feel but also contributing to a healthier planet by reducing deforestation and environmental impact.

Why Choose Us

6 Reasons to Make the Switch to Bamboo Toilet Paper

Toilet paper. It’s something we use multiple times per day, yet rarely give a second thought to. But maybe we should.

Deforestation & Virgin Fibers

Most regular toilet paper derives from virgin tree pulp, rather than recycled fibers. Globally, toilet paper accounts for 15% of all deforestation. Various oils and chemicals are used in the papermaking process as well.

Reliance on Non-Renewables

The pulp and paper industry is heavily dependent on coal, natural gas, and other non-renewable energy sources. The average 4-person household in the US uses 100 rolls of TP per year.

Waste and Pollution

Americans represent just 4% of the global population but use over 20% of toilet paper products. As a result, millions of trees per year get cut down, pulped, bleached, and wrapped for a single use before disposal.

Health Concerns

Many conventional toilet papers also use synthetic fragrances, chemical additives and formaldehyde resins. These can irritate sensitive skin, trigger allergic reactions, or cause other health issues.

Sustainable Harvesting

Bamboo can be grown responsibly and harvested repeatedly on the same plots of land for generations. And it thrives without pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation. This makes bamboo toilet paper inherently aligned.

Natural Softness

In side by side comparisons, bamboo TP is just as supple and absorbent as premium cottony virgin pulp toilet papers, yet with a silky smooth finish. Don’t settle for scratchy recycled TP in the name of sustainability!

Our mission

Our mission is to pioneer a new era of sustainability in America by harnessing the power of renewable resources. We strive to revolutionize everyday goods, making them more efficient, eco-friendly, and beneficial for both the planet and our bodies. Through innovation and dedication to environmental stewardship, we aim to create a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

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